Prescription Services

Our on-line prescription service, through Vets First Choice, allows you to have your pet's medications delived to you at your home or workplace.


  1. Tell your veterinarian that you wish to order (or re-fill) on-line. The vet will then contact Vets First Choice and request the medication for your pet.
  2. Click on the Vets First Choice link here or on the logo below.
  3. Create a user account with Vets First Choice and follow their instructions.
Vet's First Choice

Pet Pharmacy Awareness: Please visit the FDA's site

Given the uncertainty of the current economy, the doctors and staff at McKenzie Animal Hospital are concerned about the affordability of our medications and over-the-counter items. Therefore, in a cooperative effort with our buyers, we are pleased to announce we are cutting the costs of many products while being careful not to compromise the quality of care your pet receives and deserves.