What's Distinctive About an AAHA-Accredited Hospital?

Being an American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA) member means we have demonstrated to AAHA a unique commitment to the highest standards of veterinary care as well as concern for preventive medicine. We are required to meet AAHA's standards for hospital services and facilities in the following areas:

Paw Orderly and adequate medical records

Paw Complete diagnostic facilities

Paw Complete pharmacy facilities

Paw Proper anesthetic procedures

Paw Modern surgical facilities

Paw Nursing care

Paw Properly maintained environment, providing safe sanitary conditions

Paw Provide or have access to 24-hour emergency service for clients

Paw Dental service

Paw Up-to-date medical library

In order to maintain AAHA accreditation, we must voluntarily meet or exceed the association's standards for facilities, equipment, and quality procedures. We are regularly visited and evaluated by an AAHA consultant to assure continuing compliance.

In addition, every AAHA veterinarian is encouraged to keep up-to-date on major developments in veterinary medicine. Our doctors regularly take advantage of a wide variety of continuing education opportunities.

Only 12% of the veterinary hospitals in the United States have qualified for AAHA accreditation. We are proud of the vote of confidence accorded our hospital by the prestigious American Animal Hospital Association.