Your aging companion: Longer Life Brings More Health Risk

Just like humans, dogs and cats are living longer than ever before. Better diets, increased awareness of potential health problems by owners and advancements in veterinary medicine have increased the average life expectancy of your pet.

Longer Life Brings More Health Risks

As your pet ages a number of changes are experienced such as loss of organ reserve, flexibility, muscle and nerve cells, an increase in body fat and a decrease in the immune system. As a result, your pet is more prone to diseases of the kidneys, heart, and liver, as well as endocrine diseases (like diabetes), arthritis and cancer. However, many of these diseases can be successfully treated when detected early. To help your pet live better and longer, we recommend a health exam at least once per year, along with routine blood work, urinalysis and possibly other tests if a problem is suspected.

Watch for Changes

Monitor your pet closely for any signs of behavior changes, lameness, increase in water consumption or excessive urination, exercise intolerance, fainting, cough or difficulty in breathing, or any suspicious lumps. A change in your pet's weight can signal a number of health problems, among them diabetes and cancer. We invite you to bring your pet in at any time for a weight check free of charge. If you notice any changes in your pet's health or behavior that concern you, please call us right away to determine whether a doctor visit is warranted.

Nutrition and the Older Pet

One simple way to prevent the development or progression of disease is to maintain your pet's optimum body weight. As pets age, their dietary needs will change. They require food that contains special nutrients and is more easily digestible to the older pet's system. Ask us about the ideal diet for your special companion. For your convenience, we stock high quality food formulated specifically for senior dogs and cats.

While old age is inevitable, the quality of life can still be enhanced. Let us help you reward your pet for the many years of companionship and love he or she has given to you.