Veterinary Chiropractic Medicine: Trust a Vet with Your Pet!

Chiropractic Medicine was once considered an "alternative" medical approach. However, proof of its benefits has resulted in acceptance by human medical practitioners and even HMO's. We are dedicated to providing the finest and most current patient care available in veterinary medicine, and we have, therefore, incorporated chiropractics into our advanced medical treatments and technologies. We have studied and been trained in VOM (Veterinary Orthopedic Manipulation), a widely accepted form of Veterinary Chiropractic Medicine.

The principle of chiropractic medicine is based on the nervous system and its relationship to the proper functioning of the entire body. VOM is most commonly utilized to treat problems of the spinal column, which can cause pain and hinder your pet's movement abilities. Chiropractic spinal adjustment can clear blockages in the nervous system, which in turn reduces pain, increases energy and relaxation and helps your pet reach its full health potential. In one or two visits, the doctor will be able to determine whether chiropractic is the appropriate treatment for your pet.

Please be aware that chiropractors licensed to treat humans are not licensed to treat animals...unless they also have a degree and license in veterinary medicine. Veterinarians are trained in comparative animal anatomy, which encompasses numerous species and breeds. Your pets need to be under the care of a licensed veterinarian for any type of medical treatment. The law does allow a human chiropractor to treat your pet only after the veterinarian has examined your pet and provides a prescription for the treatment. This insures that the chiropractor is known by your veterinarian to be competent and familiar with treatment of animals. Please don't hesitate to call our office with any questions you may have about the benefits of Veterinary Chiropractic.