Dog Independence Training Tips

A Dog is a Den Animal

The wild ancestors of our domesticated dogs used a hole, den or cave as a secure shelter to live in. This small area was only large enough for the wild dog to stand, turn around in, and sleep comfortably. The wild dog would not eliminate in this area and a female taught her young to eliminate outside of this den by example.

Metal Dog CrateThe instinct to rest in a small, enclosed area is still very strong in the modern domesticated dog and provides us with the basis for teaching the dog to use the crate. A wire or plastic dog crate is an excellent substitute for a den and can become a dog's private place while satisfying the denning instinct.

What is a Dog Crate?

Fabric Dog Crate

A dog crate is a rectangular enclosure with a top and a door, made in a variety of sizes proportioned to fit any type of dog. Constructed of wire, wood, metal, canvas, or molded fiberglass/plastic, its purpose is to provide guaranteed confinement for reasons of security, safety, housebreaking, protection of household goods, travel, illness or just general control.

The most practical dog crate for use by the pet owner is the collapsible wire mesh type, available in a wide variety of sizes. Lightweight and easily handled, it allows total ventilation and permits the dog to see everything going on around him. Wire crates are durable, can be cleaned and are chew proof. Covers can be provided to add warmth and seclusion when needed.

A wooden, metal or fiberglass/plastic airline crates will also serve the purpose, but restrict air and vision, are less convenient to handle and transport and have a limited size selection.

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