Fleas: A Pet's Public Enemy Number One!

The time of year that all pet owners dread is right around the corner. Flea season starts in June. Think about your poor pet.. itching, scratching, chewing. Aside from the pain and irritation, fleas can cause severe skin problems, allergy, even tapeworms and, in some cases, anemia.

That doesn't have to happen! We highly recommend that our clients use flea prevention products now, before the season begins. Otherwise, this is what will likely happen: Adult fleas jump on your dog or cat and produce eggs..one pair of fleas may produce millions of eggs over their brief 6-12 month life span. Powders, dips or shampoos, can get rid of the adult fleas that have landed on your pet. The millions of eggs, however, are highly resistant to these products. You will need to take on a number of projects in order to kill the adults and break the life cycle. Fleas spend 90% of their lives off the pet, in their bedding, your carpet, furniture, etc.

Here's How We USED TO Control Fleas...

We had to:

apply flea-killing products to the pet's bedding, furniture, floors, carpets, lawn and ground cover and even put flea powder into the vacuum cleaner bag.
use insecticides or foggers, although they may have been a hazard to pets or family members.
bathe or dip our pets in smelly shampoos
And then...we repeated these steps every two to four weeks.

Here's How We Stop Fleas Before They Start...

Prevention is the best form of flea control. New products on the market stop the fleas before they can make life miserable for your pets, and for you. These products are safe for your pet and his or her environment.

Your veterinarians are flea experts. We're here to help you and your special companions enjoy a pleasant, comfortable summer. Count on us to help.