Avoid Halloween Hazards

Halloween may be a treat for humans but often proves tricky for our four-legged family members. Excited trick-or-treaters in strange-looking costumes ringing the doorbell might make you run for the camera, while your pet runs out the door!

The sights and sounds of Halloween are very stressful for pets, and can cause unusual behaviors such as panic, stress, or aggression. Keep pets sheltered in a quiet room for their own safety as well as those of the trick-or-treaters.

Other Hazards

Chocolate - can be dangerous, even fatal, to pets
Candies on sticks, such as lollipops, and those with plastic parts can cause intestinal obstruction
Candles and jack-o-lanterns accessible to pets are fire hazards
Decorations - cats can become tangled in streamers, and dogs commonly get sick from eating all kinds of holiday decorations
Costumes - be sure elastic is not so tight that it can cause swelling and pain and, and be aware that forgotten rubber bands can burrow into the pet's skin.

Some "Halloween Pranks" Are Not Funny

Certain pets, especially black cats, are especially at risk due to cruel troublemakers who roam the streets on Halloween night. For this reason, many shelters and adoption agencies won't allow adoption of black cats around Halloween. For safety's sake, all pets should be kept indoors this one night of the year.

Even with precautions, accidents may happen. Be sure to keep our phone number handy in the event of a problem, and don't hesitate to seek emergency assistance if necessary.