Laser Surgery in Veterinary Medicine

In fulfilling our commitment to provide the latest in technology available in animal health care, we are proud to be among the very few veterinary hospitals in the region to offer Laser Surgery. While considered new technology in veterinary medicine, lasers have proven to be effective tools in human medicine for over 20 years.

What Is A Laser?

Laser stands for Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission Radiation. Our laser, the Carbon Dioxide (CO2) laser has special characteristics that make it the most widely used medical laser in the world. CO2 lasers deliver an intense, concentrated beam of infrared light that can cut and vaporize tissue. Because this beam can be very precisely controlled, it only affects specifically targeted areas.

How Can Laser Surgery Benefit Your Pet?

Less Pain: The Laser seals nerve endings as it cuts. Without a "raw" severed end the patient feels less pain immediately post-operatively, needs less pain medication and experiences a quicker recovery.

Less Bleeding: Bleeding is minimized because the laser seals small blood vessels as it cuts. This provides a clear, dry surgical field for the surgeon, reducing procedure time.

Less Swelling: Lasers are patient friendly; there is no physical contact in the surgical area and laser energy automatically seals lymphatic vessels. this means no crushing, tearing or bruising of the surrounding tissues, which minimizes inflammatory responses and reduces swelling.

Faster Recovery: Reduced bleeding, swelling, and post-operative discomfort means the patient can return to normal activity faster. Patients are less likely to lick or "worry" their incisions resulting in faster, cleaner healing. This benefits the patient, client and veterinarian.

Reduced Risks: The Laser sterilizes the surgery site as it cuts, killing bacteria & minimizing the risk of infection. Secondly, the patient may also require less anesthesia during surgery, thereby reducing the risk of complications.

What Procedures Are Performed with the Laser?

The CO2 medical laser is the best choice for a wide variety of soft tissue procedures. These include spays and neuters, declaws, growth removals, gum surgery, and infections that may occur around the eyes, ears, mouth or on the skin. Many other internal procedures are also possible. Our doctors will be able to determine if your pet's procedure can be performed with the laser.