Pain is Out... Healing is In!

Ouch.You get out of bed and stub your toe. The pain moves up your leg, through the abdomen and settles in your head. All of us know this feeling and can easily describe it to our families, doctors or friends. But what about our family pets and their pain? We can't tell you how many times clients have said, "but he doesn't cry or moan as he gets up or down"!

If you don't observe your pet and take the warning signs seriously, you are missing his/her pain. Here are some signs of pain in your pet:

Difficulty rising from sleep or rest
Cannot get up on bed, chair, or into car
Very slow to sit or lay down or sitting & laying differently than before
Biting or licking at a specific joint or at their back end
Limping or not placing a limb down properly

The diagnosis and resolution of pain is a much-discussed issue in veterinary medicine. As your pet's medical caregivers, it is our mission to help the body heal and ensure that we provide our patients with quality of life. Pain relief is complex, and we need to design a treatment for each patient on an individualized basis. Additionally, pain relief may take many forms, and we utilize them all.

Generally, we try to start with supplements or nutraceuticals for relief of pain or inflammation. Products like glucosamine, chondroitin, omega 3 & 6 fatty acids, among others, are frequently recommended for our patients. The next choice in levels of pain management would be non-steroidal anti-inflammatories (aspirin-type products). For very severe cases, we use a Fentanyl patch, and occasionally we will prescribe prednisone or Valium.

In keeping with our ability to treat the whole animal and allowing their bodies to heal, we offer numerous alternative medical treatments. These techniques have been used for hundreds of years. They may not work as quickly as the prescription drugs but have proven to be incredibly effective..and their results last longer!

Please feel free to discuss pain management and the various alternatives with your veterinarian at any time.